Matel is that guy at school who is drop dead sexy and had a massive dick but he is also smart and he is short and is really musically talented he is also Micronesian and has more than one sibling who are all also musically talented he is probably not to rich but his great humor makes up for it he is very short and kinda skinny he has short friends too but he is quite good at sports too.
That boy is a matel
by diethelegoguy May 2, 2017
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a household item that is used for a kids toy.
what is that bunt pan and spoon doing in your kids room? oh thats is her getto matel drum set.
by keveeen March 19, 2008
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That one girl who has a messed up sleep schedule and always does their homework last second.
She will always procrastinate until the very end. She will never give you a second chance if you dump her.
She will always try and cheer someone up if she sees any sign of sadness. She is one of the funniest babagrils you will meet in your life. If you ever find someone named Matel, shes someone you need to keep. Shes an angel from hell and can be hella annoying. However, her annoyingness will bring a spark to your life. You'll never get bored of her. She hates sports and has okay grades.
Friend: Did you hear about Matel's dick?
Matel: The male Matel guy? Yeah, I saw it.
by May 21, 2022
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Brave cultural man
He's matelous, a brave man amongst man.
by September 16, 2020
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