THE BEST THING about 1993 and one of the best sitcoms EVAR
I watced Boy Meets World religiously when I was in middle school.
by Lucy April 21, 2005
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From the movie "Hackers", when Fantom Phreak wants to leave the arcade, turns to Joey, who's daydreaming, and is dressed like Cory Matthews from the ABC sitcoms "Boy Meets World". In other words, a teen kid with Bert and Ernie type clothesing and acts/looks like Cory Matthews.
"Boy Meets World, let's go!"
by Programmer #A-5 July 11, 2008
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Absolutely one of the worst shows to ever grace my TV. I watched one episode of it once and ended up having diarrhea for the rest of the week.

The episode was about that curly haired dipshit (Cory I think) and his girlfriend, Potango, dripping over each other and telling their parents how much they wanted to fuck each other. It was more like watching a soap opera as opposed to a sitcom. I did not laugh even once, or crack a smile for that matter during the whole thirty minutes it was on.

Generally you're supposed to care about the characters in a TV show. I, however, was all for cutting all their heads off with a spoon. Avoid watching this travesty.
This is what the entire show is about:

Curly-haired dipshit: I love you.
Potango: I love you.
by Taintfuck November 24, 2004
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A Old, Gay Show on Family, Disney and Others. Very Repedetive!
A Little Tip Do not Watch Boy Meets World!
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 12, 2008
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one of the best shows that has been made
i was watching boy meets world when corey couldnt get back with topanga, i started to cry
by fizzy January 27, 2004
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a show about a boy, cory matthews, growing up in the suburbs of philly with a best friend, shawn hunter, who lives in a trailer and is gorgeous cory also has a life long girlfriend named topanga lawerence and lives next store to his teacher mr. feeny, cory also has a brother eric who is cuter then shawn and stupid....all in all boy meets world is awesome and i wish i were a part of the cast
boy meets world defines me
by ned November 14, 2004
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only the best show to ever air on tv wtih the most hilarious cast and eric is the funniest person alive! topanga and corey are perfect for each other and shawn is geourgous. i hated the last episode because it made me cry.
boy meets world is THE shit
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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