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only the most beautiful popular girls in school. pretty much me and my friends twins. i would be regina because i rule my school and pretty much girls idolize me. ohh yeahh and me and my plastic friends have a burn book and your prolly in it.
wow..those plastics are hott
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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only the best show to ever air on tv wtih the most hilarious cast and eric is the funniest person alive! topanga and corey are perfect for each other and shawn is geourgous. i hated the last episode because it made me cry.
boy meets world is THE shit
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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jessica simpson is one of the most beautiful girls ever to grace this earth with her presence. newlyweds on mtv has to be the funniest and most awesome show ever to live. jessica simpson has the most beautiful vioce ever so all you bitches who thinks shes a dumbass your really the dumbases you just think because your ugly and cant sing or get yourself and hott boy/girl means you can go off on a girl who can. so stop being jealous and get some plastic surgery.
jessica simpson is my look a like!
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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pretty much the best soccer player to walk this earth. beautiful, and sex goddess could also describe her. pretty much me.
i AM the next mia hamm.
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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only the best band ever. if you think they suck then you really have never heard quality music. its the best music to listen to when your depressed. only people with realy music sense listen to them.
still not getting any by simple plan fucking rocks man!
by beautifulme! April 4, 2005
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