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Mabel was on the receiving end of a D.A.V. by visitors from the planet Uranus. They left behind various flora and fauna, causing her great discomfort.
by ned March 26, 2003
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A man's perineum; see taint. So called because it's where the balls land when a man plays with his wood.
"I call Mabel 'The Groundskeeper,'" Ned told his assembled buddies, "because of all of the attention she gives my driving range when we're in bed."
by ned December 25, 2003
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The act in which the fellow, performing intercourse with his gal doggy-style, pulls out right before orgasm, spits on her back or neck to trick her into thinking he ejaculated on her, then shoots his load into her eye when she turns her head.
"I had to wash my eye out," Mabel said, "after Ned hit me with the old fish eye trick. It's a good thing our supervisor didn't catch us."
by ned March 26, 2003
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A particularly fearsome brand of dildo, the Rambone is 18 inches long with the width of a newborn's neck. Due to its enormous size, it has handles at the end, as it is operated much like a jackhammer. Not for amateurs.
Ned and Mabel had hoped that the Rambone would bring a little pizzazz into their love life; now they just hope that her pelvic bones will fuse back together properly.
by ned December 25, 2003
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'The O's' is the nickname for East London footie club, Leyton Orient. Also for their rather nondescript hooligan crew.
by ned September 20, 2003
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An alternate definition for donkey punch. Common in the US Mid-Atlantic region, although derided by "donkey punch" purists who need to consult H.L. Mencken's works on the development of American English.
"I had to file for disability benefits," Mabel said, "after Ned delivered a particularly powerful camel kick one night atop a sawhorse."
by ned October 1, 2004
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a thing tony nugyen uses to rape yamin
tony eats azn dick oh yeh oh yeh
by ned April 4, 2005
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