a place where trippie redd might take your lil ass
i said stop little bitch you in danger i might take your lil ass to topanga
by joefuckingmama420 May 15, 2020
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An artificial vagina surgically implanted into the perineum of a man. Derived from an online chat room where banter led to the discovery of a new sexual organ.
"She's got a tight topanga."
"I might get a topanga operation with the extra money from my taxes."
by Trust SISI September 5, 2023
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To gain weight. Derived from the Boy Meets World tv series where the character topanga went from skinny to overweight.
"She really pulled a topanga"
by skabaksadf January 12, 2005
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WOW! look at the topanga! someone needs a shaving...

you could knit a blanket out of that topanga
by ilovecrazyrangaaas June 29, 2010
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when you are upset or screwed over. another word for jewish.
Rachel: did you buy the tickets lauren?
Lauren: ah topanga!! i forgot!
by lorach December 7, 2008
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A city with a mall in the san fernando valley. Not the best mall. It sucks.
Girl 1: Wanna go like to a mall?
Girl 2: Like...what mall?
Girl 1: The Topanga Mall.
Girl 2: O...M...G Are you like serious? No way am I going in their.
by ajshbdh August 16, 2005
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A tall skinny beautiful girl . Very funny . Everyone wants to be her friend . She not a big fan of relationships. usually has 4 bestfriends .
Topanga is a cool person
by Kaiden Jones December 20, 2016
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