Bous is a term used to define any: thing, feeling, emotion place, person, situation, experience or comment that is highly positive or loved buy an individual or social group. Bous should not be used to describe any run of the mill place, person or experience etc.
During a high that is natural or induced one might yell to his mate, "BOUS".

Just had the best day of my life today. After arriving in Thailand we went snorkelling, bungee jumping, followed by a motorbike ride to a hidden waterfall were we watched the sunset over a few cold beers. It was Bous!! Best day yet.

Just scored back stage tickets to the show tomorrow night!! It's going to be fucking Bous!!
by mrgaz December 12, 2011
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A British slang word relating to anything good/great another way of saying pukka or peng
My friend stole a banana milkshake it was bous
by Lil willy big nut December 12, 2018
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Another word used to describe a group of male homo sapiens and normally know as "the boys"
The bous and me are going to get fucking roocked tonight.
by TwistedCord June 22, 2018
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A term created by the Khani Brothers that is used when something is Super Cute or Adorable, can be used in to reference to women, or something a women says, even pets. Anything that makes your heart melt!
Omg that girl is so BOUS!!!
by Ashy Khani February 1, 2012
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Bous: is is a new term used by those from murdered out empire187™️ meaning booster cuz let's face it you're not going to yell out that in public without everybody knowing what you're talking about k.i.s.s
Yo check them out yo let's call the bous 💯💯🤐
by k187c March 3, 2022
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While Caribou can be shortened to "the bou" and much street cred can be gained therein, certain pockets of population in North Carolina persist in calling it the "bou bou". This has only ostracized these individuals from their local communities. The expression is expected to die out within the year.

The Bou is also the terminology endorsed by employees of Caribou.
Mike: Hey, let's go study at the bou bou after class!
Eric: Don't you know it's just "the bou"? I'm down to study at the bou if you want.
by AricKiaschla December 13, 2009
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A Cajun word meaning Son or Kid (BOY) and it!
It is many kids nicknames in places like Louisiana in the Cajun parts (Not African American Parts)

Anyways it does not mean Fuck also this is PROPER!

Pronounced BOO
Hey BOU come bye my house today so we can play Halo on the Xbox!
by BOU October 1, 2007
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