A term to replace the casual use of "bitch." Used to address a man or woman. Pronounced "bow", said while greeting some one.
wha'd up bou? How R'you?
by Narcissia October 26, 2010
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A term created by the Khani Brothers that is used when something is Super Cute or Adorable, can be used in to reference to women, or something a women says, even pets. Anything that makes your heart melt!
Omg that girl is so BOUS!!!
by Ashy Khani February 01, 2012
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Like an angrier versoin of "meh". Say it when someone tells you off, or when you're bored, or when you feel like sounding weird!

Hard to pronounce! Say it like "bow" but add in a bit of A and a tiny bit of Y at the end!

Originated in Gilroy College, Sydney, Australia
"F@%k off you little c@#t!"
by dong March 05, 2005
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Big Old Unit - a large, well-built person.
Pronounced "Bo-You".
It might take two of us to tackle that BOU.
by Mewn C么d June 28, 2021
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When one is 鈥Bou
One is 鈥Bout it鈥 (okay with the asking)

just the bou

Bou was invented early 2020鈥檚 during the Covid-19 pandemic and marijuana use was at its peak and users were too lazy to use 鈥榓bout鈥 in their vocabulary.
Your bou a bowl?

How could I say no?. I鈥檓 Bou
via giphy
by Dishonor November 10, 2020
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