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1. To get your ass kicked.
2. To be destroyed.
3. To be Verbally or physically assaulted.
4. To give accolades to someone for insulting another.
4. in reference to the Bourne Identity films, in that Jason Bourne is so awesomely badass.
Guy: Dude did you see that guy?

Guy 2: Yeah man. He got bourned.
Guy: Your mom is so ugly she breaks the mirror.
Other guy: dude your mom just got Bourned!
by JCHELLCAT June 09, 2009
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1.something missing about his/her past 2. Discovered something of his or her past 3.keep's on define about his or her past. ^_^
1.My friend Bryan was accident in the car, and he cannot remember about his past so he keeps on searching about his life so he keeps on bourned for it.
by Bquiter September 28, 2011
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