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When a trach patient gives a man a blow job and the warm air coming out of the trach blows across his balls, therefore causing them to descend.
Suzie just got her new trach and was excited to give Joe a Sagamore
by Dr. Masagemarod August 15, 2010
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Sachem school that is fucked over by kids that wear Thrasher but don’t skate. And they are all fucking normies. Kids juul in the godamn bathrooms and get told on. They get in fights but are too pussy to get physical. It’s overcrowded since the waverly and sacoya kids flowed in. And some of the teachers are one of the most sexist people I’ve ever met. Also, the kids are basketball nerds. All I hear in school are kids screaming “ AAAND OONE!” In the halls. Did I mention that the kids like to date. Sagamore= HELL
Person A: Wanna come to my house after I leave Sagamore.

Person B: Sure I’ll bring my speaker and we can play rap music and basketball in your driveway
by FlurpMan May 29, 2018
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