24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
"I'll be here for you 247" means "I'll be here for you all the time"
by Rui Motta August 7, 2003
247 means I love you(Би чамд хайртай/ Bi Chamd Hairtai) in Mongolian language.
by heheforme June 30, 2020
Tupac (2) For (4) Life(7, the 7s like an upside down L) it means u r a true Tupac Amaru Shakur fan
by TupacFan April 13, 2006
on my mind
he's omm 247
by ARSs July 11, 2008
Someone who kisses ass 24/7
That Soledad is such an AK 247 model 2012 BHO
by Some_DudeSr August 15, 2012
im goin ova 2 delux247's crib tonight playa.
by allie February 28, 2004