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1) this music is snippy snappy and pleasing to the ears until you actually listen to the contents of the lyrics and realize its all about sex and is something that was probably written by a 12 year old boy.

2) Used to be likes by "real music lovers" and is now liked by "scene/ emo kids and retarded teenagers everywhere."
Guy: I used to like 3oh!3 until teenagers and emo/scene kids started to like it. now its mainstream and it isnt good music anymore.

Me: Oh im sorry, but i was unaware that when people other than the "original fans" start to listen to this band its not good anymore. Nobody cares who disovered it. Theyre just as crappy as they always were.
by i dont like 3oh!3. June 24, 2010
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Emo Kid: Katey Perry's in 3OH!3's New Song

Normal Kid: Dude Shes Hot

Emo Kid: and there music's good to

(pause) -SMACK-
by MattyBoi (hey Brookey :D) December 11, 2009
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a band that is getting ruined by fucking emo kids, what else is new
emo kid: OMG I LOVE 3OH!3
me:shut up
by OMFG ITS JESUS May 09, 2009
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Good music ruined by annoying scene kids and of course, the radio. Oh, and you can't forget MTV.
'Nuff said.
Scene Kid: "I'm in love with 3OH!3."
Me: "Shut. The. Fuck. Up."
by WTFWJD? May 26, 2009
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The area code for the sick state colorado. This spelling is usually in reference to the amazing rap group from Boulder, Colorado.
Dude where you at?
Man, im in the 3Oh!3.
Ah, tight i love colorado.

What are you listening to?
3Oh!3 cause yousa punk bitch if you dont know about boulder.
by coolbn August 04, 2007
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An amazing band that was discovered by scene kids, emos, etc. that's now becoming mainstream with a bunch of posers declaring that they've discovered them themselves.

They're made up of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte from Boulder, CO.
Mainstream Kid: Did you guys hear about 3oh!3. I just heard them on the radio.

Scene Kid: Dude, I've been listening to them for a year.

Mainstream Kid: Liar, they're just on the radio now!
by 5758afp July 17, 2009
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