bougie means middle-class and mediocre
as opposed to aristocrats (higher class and edgy) or tragic hipsters that are very afraid of being called bougie
little dinners with friends? you're so bougie!
by calledabougiebyhipsters September 17, 2005
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i suppose its a nickname for the middle class/ upper middle class....however for all you retards: NOT THE UPPER CLASS, they are historically referred to as either "those peckerheads over there" or ARISTOCRATS.
look at the bougie, he doesnt own a fortune 500 but he makes more than my poor ass<---however he also likes to stick it to those aristocratic peckerheads. goodman goodman
by Stardusted July 12, 2005
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Taber\'s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary: bougie: a slender, flexible instrument for exploring and dilating tubal organs, esp. the male urethra.
Calling someone a bougie is not always a compliment!
He\'s such a bougie- stick up the dick
by RST April 26, 2005
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corny,lame/stupid,& or fake
Them jawns swear they the ish,clearly they bougie as heck.
by Kay_la_la February 23, 2008
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Misspelling of the word boujee. If you’re bougie you cannot also be boujee as they are polar opposites.
Shuly: I’m bougie
Nate: You mean boujee?
by Borki August 05, 2018
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A word Ryland Adam's uses way too much.
Shane: Look at these Gucci slides!
Ryland: OMG! I need them, they're so bougie!
by prayforplagues666 August 05, 2018
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