east london shops that sell 1.99 chicken and chips meals and 1 pound pizzas, delicious succulent feasts for real cheap, chicken and chips!!!
me: oi abs fabs lets go chicken shop!!
abdul mohammed habib: yeah lets go mannn,thats the shit right there! but last time i got a car ticket outside sam chicken and ribs so lets go to the other chicken shop!! Chickens my best mannn
by abs fabz February 9, 2009
Used to describe the unsightly dangly assortment of genital objects when a bloke pulls down his pants in a public place. So called because it's always the most mangy looking chicken that is the last one sold in the supermarket
"oh shit, Ben must have had a few beers, he's getting out the last chicken in the shop again"

"yeah mate - but it's more a poussin than a chicken"
by KiplingThankyouPlease May 2, 2008
Where you'll eat any old crap in the house, just to avoid having to go food shopping.
I'm eating toothpaste for dinner tonight - playing food shopping chicken.
by StainlessSteelRat November 29, 2010
The place where u and the boys go for a cheeky bit of chicken and chips. Its owned by a pakistani immigrant
Yo lets go to the chicken and chips shop allow
by badman from endz June 2, 2020