The act of a male being anally penetrated, usually without his consent. Can take place in the woods, a dark alley, raves and prison.
"Man I sure hope the car doesn't break down out here, I might get straight bootied."

"Ya'll don't be out too late now ya hear? I keep seeing on the TV all these little boys gettin' bootied!"
by Don Juan Esquire July 4, 2012
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It is kinda that it sounds like, booty-to-booty, it's the same as ass-to-ass, butt-to-butt etc...
When two women with big butts, put their booties together, like massaging, slamming, bumping, pressing thier booties together in "booty-to-booty" positions.

Their is lots of positions: sitting on a another booty booty-to-booty, standing back to back booty-to-booty, both bending over and standing booty-to-booty, both down on their knees adn backin' their booties together booty-to-booty.
It's all about fantasy, having fun.

Some women love doing this together and having some booty-to-booty contact, it could also being competitive and then like comparing their booties, it's bein called a "booty battle".
(Friends with booties having fun with them.)
*"Starting to rub thier buttocks together"
*"Playful booty-to-booty"
*"Feels good having your soft booty against mine"

(black and white booty.)
*"I love to play with white girls and nice booties."
*"My black booty is much better than that white"
*"Feel black-on-white skin-on-skin booty-to-booty"
*"She think she got a better booty than me!"

(sexually between two women.)
*"Doing some booty-to-booty before/during/after the sex."
*"Sensual massage booty-to-booty."
*"sitting on the other womans booty."
*"Resting while lie on the other womans back, back-to-back
*"Both getting aroused on the thought that their assholes are so close to each other."
by _Nina_ March 26, 2008
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The act of doing the 69 reverse, where you are simply rubbing your ass in their face and the back of your head into their crotch.
Jon: I was gonna fuck her, but she wanted to booty booty.
by bootyluver February 22, 2012
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commonly utilized in urban circles referring to a pair of short jean shorts. the term first appeared when sandra, an information assistant at rutgers campus information services, wore a pair of such shorts and was spotted in an awkward moment by an information technology analyst from her department. a hot makeout session ensued thereafter, of course, for no one can deny the power of booty-booties.
"yo, girl, you got some nice booty-booty!"
by kolleen September 2, 2006
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when you ain't got booty per se but got booty booty
Damn Ricardo your cousin has a booty booty!
by TeaBagzz March 12, 2020
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Butt sex. Term derived from the common term "getting booty" or having vaginal sex, whereas "booty" refers to a butt, so getting "booty booty" means getting butt sex, or anal. Alas, sex of the butt category.
Upstanding man #1: Bro, did you get some booty from dat ho last night?
"Bro": Yeah, man, I got booty booty! It was tight as hell.
Upstanding man #1: Damn bro, I wish my gurl would do dat, but she's afraid to try it.
by The Chaser of Dark Holes April 15, 2013
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The final stage in the evolution of a butt.

Flat (you're spanking bones) > Petite (awww it's cute) > Apple (nice to eat and look) > Bubble (Instagram certified thicc) > Booty (ticket to rap videos)

Best served with skinny jeans, leggings and yoga pants.
Nicki: Boy you got a nice booty on you!

Minhaj: Boo, I'm Hassan Minhaj, I've got everything nice going on!
by nomanito March 15, 2019
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