A secret code word for 'vibrator'.
Only known by certain people in the world that have certain awesomeness and randomness!!
So what are you buying batteries for?....my BOOMbox of course
by ill.ring.when.im.horny January 10, 2011
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When a suburban wigger cruises in front of his school during break, in his parent's minivan or compact car, with the windows roled down, attempting to blast music from the car's weak, stock, 4 speaker set-up. Thus, giving the impression he has a small boombox on the sideseat.
A-"Hey Mat, take a look at this guy."
M-"LOL, that has to be a boombox!"
by lanky number 1 December 28, 2005
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when you carry a midget over your shoulder and they sing gangsta rap while you walk down the street.
Yesterday me and my homie took the human boombox out when we walked down El Cajon Blvd.
by midgetlover123 December 13, 2011
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During the middle of intercourse, the dominant partner screams "Free Kek!" And blows themselves up. As a result, a big boom is heard, and the nearby Kekistanis will start singing the national anthem.
I wouldn't get into her dude. Word on the street is, she's just trying to Kekistani Boombox with someone.
by DetectiveB January 12, 2018
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the act of beatboxing into a woman's vagina during cunnilingus in order to give her pleasure some rhythm.
I gave her an underground boombox when i went down on her so that even if I wasn't that good, she could at least enjoy a catchy beat.
by snotnose June 03, 2009
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When the bass in your car is so bumpin you get a boner
Austins truck is such a horny boombox
by BiggyD April 21, 2015
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When the car beside you decides to put on the radio and pump it up to max volume so that everyone walking and driving can hear, usually occurs at red lights.
Bill: Hey did you hear that new song by Drake?

John: Yeah, I heard it on the last night while I was walking home

Bill: Car boombox?

John: Yup
by TheCrazedOne July 07, 2013
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