Boombox 0’Clock, according to the human environment it is length to be a time period 1:35AM through 11:59PM. People will start to get wild and up in the clouds during this experience. Whenever someone asks what time is it during this time period it is to be said “BOOMBOX O’CLOCK!!!”
“According to my watch it is BOOMBOX O’CLOCK !!!!, y’all ready to get the goods up ins here?!!!”
by Dream Mc Beetle April 01, 2020
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Accredited to Barry the boombox man of Manchester, referring to someone as Barry boombox implies they are loud, usually in an attempt to be entertaining, in a social setting.
Person A: "Alright, Barry boombox over here!"
Person B: *laugher*
Person C: quiets down after being referred to as such.
by melthis August 19, 2021
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(noun) Someone who constantly listens to music, in public, without headphones.
Jacob, stop being a boomboxer.”
by MaybeARealWord March 30, 2021
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When you and your brother start foolin around but you gotta turn some music up so dad doesn’t hear and come in to beat you with jumper cables.
Me and my brother were curious so we did an ole Alabama Boombox to keep dad from get suspicious
by Don Binks September 20, 2020
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A youthful homeless male whom always carries a boom box and an extension cord no matter where he goes.
Dude, you'll never believe what I saw the other day at the park, an Urban BoomBox Master.
by urbanwordhunter April 17, 2010
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