Teacher: Where did you get that bookmark
Student: In Mexico
Teacher: That's a crappy bookmark!
by TheWindSoldier April 1, 2010
After sex, shit in any book and leave.
I fucked the librarian the last night so of course I gave her the Macon Bookmark as I left.
by 1_SHOt March 25, 2009
The process of touching cloth but refusing to go to the toilet untill suitable reading material has been found to read whilst doing ones business
Mike's underwear was being signed by the arse crayon, but was prolonging going to the toilet untill suitable shiterature had been aquired. Mike had given himself a dutch bookmark
by Hcnerfekaj April 23, 2009
When you procrastinate or delay going to bed by clicking through every favorite and book in your internet browser.
I stayed up til 3 AM last night doing the Bookmarks Tour...
by droctopawn September 17, 2010
Pussy Bookmark is a term for a guy who a bitch just keeps around until her ex comes back.
That boys just her little pussy bookmark.
by Elitefaggot April 27, 2020
During intercourse, the act of thrusting too vigorously, thus removing the condom and leaving it dangling outside of your partner's vagina, keeping your place for reinsertion, resembling a bookmark.
I was mid-prison pummel in Shannon last night when my condom slipped off. I was able to jump right back in, thanks to my accidental bookmark.
by AssManAndy January 10, 2019
hi there. I needed a muslim bookmark for my muslim book.
by Pineapple.243 December 24, 2009