the thing that make boomers have an instant orgasm just by looking at it
kid: hey grandpa i found this really cool book-
grandpa: aaauuughhh yeahhh
kid: k im gonna go now
by dudopa September 28, 2020
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1. A source of information.

2. A source of entertainment.

3. A tool barely used by todays societies, because it is not 'cool' to read a book.
1. The dictionary

2. Neil Gaimain's 'American Gods'

3. Which is a shame, really, because once upon a time (and today, in countries with little money) a book was a precious commodity.
by Alyson April 21, 2003
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one of the greater objects to fill free time with. reading a book induces feelings and thoughts not attainable anywhere else.
by oh,hellojan. April 30, 2007
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An object to take you into a different world.

Something today's society has lost connection with.
That was the best book ever, I felt like I was in the Hunger Games!

Bruh, what is dat?!
A book.
Yah, yolo.
by Cat Lady AF February 16, 2015
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Something you aren't reading since you're looking at this definition and killing time on urban dictionary
Friend: we need to read this book for English
You: (on urban dictionary) huh?
by fallingsun3 June 17, 2016
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1. An object containing information (ie: words, pictures) used for the purpose of entertainment or education. These are now available in electronic form. One that writes such a 'book' has the ability to earn money known as 'royalty'.

2. To get into trouble with an authority figure such as a teacher or a police officer.

3. To make an escape... usually from an authority figure such as the ones mentioned above.
Student 1: Dude! I forgot to read my book for my report for English Class!

Student 2: Did the teacher book you?

Student 1: Na man, I booked before she could find out!
by Rag Ji January 19, 2006
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