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The act of consuming drugs through the sticking of said drugs up the anus and into the rectum to allow for better absorption of the substance.

Prior to sticking heroin up his ass, John exclaimed, "I'm going to boof this H right here."
by An Absolute Retard April 19, 2017
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To smuggle something into prison via your anus.
Harry passed out after boofing in 2 cartons of cigs.
by John October 01, 2004
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Basically to "boof it" means to go and Tweak.
Tweaking is bad and it screws up your life so I
advise you not to. Ive lost many friends to it's addictive ways...
Little Billy: Eyy man you wanna go and "boof it"?

Little JOhny: Yea let's go and stay up for days!!!!!
by Pirate Whore Kassie April 01, 2007
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It's another way of saying to have sex with
Guy:"Hey Sam do you want to boof it with Maddie."
Dude:"I don't know..."
by DudeGuyWhatever May 09, 2016
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