The act of consuming drugs through the sticking of said drugs up the anus and into the rectum to allow for better absorption of the substance.

Prior to sticking heroin up his ass, John exclaimed, "I'm going to boof this H right here."
by An Absolute Retard April 19, 2017
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a wolf rejected a jackrabbit dog so the stupid jackrabbit dog couldnt boof boof
by Baikin_1236 October 21, 2017
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Inserting drugs or having someone insert drugs into your body through your anus. Better experience is allowing someone to blow the substance inside you with a straw.
I had Stover blow cocaine in my ass last night to achieve the best high. Hit her up...she's boofing everyone!
by sniffthatshit86 February 11, 2017
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The act of smirkingly perjuring oneself before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.
Dude, Kavvy just told them a Devil's Triangle is a drinking game. Classic boofing!!
by downtownjohnson September 28, 2018
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To abuse any licit or illicit substance via insertion into one's rectum.
Dude, I just saw Brian boofing some booze last night at a party. Rad!
by Beans n rice October 20, 2013
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Honestly, I don't know what it means but some kid in my Italian class keeps on threatening to do it to the teacher
Gerry wants to boof Signor Vita
by Bitcharoux April 06, 2019
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To insert your drug of choice into your rectum to take advantage of the higher absorption rates found there as opposed to the stomach. Typically done with pills and liquids.
Person 1: You ever boofed a roll?
Person 2: I'm a nasty motherfucker.
Person 1: Nuff said.
by RyanFNation September 25, 2018
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