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A sneaky tactic in the board game Settlers of Catan that will make all other players loathe you and question whether they will ever trade with you again. The move involves trading away one commodity (ex. sheep) to all other players. Once obtaining other resources from your opponents, playing a "monopoly" card on the traded away resource, thereby getting an epic multitude of cards.
Performing this play will earn you loathing, anger, spite, and a secret respect from all players who you "stover".
Ahh man! You stovered me!!
Hey, if I trade with you, promise you won't stover me.
I'll only trade if you don't stover.
by DontStoverMe June 30, 2013
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A small town in Missouri with nothing to do and a stupid curfew for kids that nobody listens to; generally has stupid cops
*walking around Stover after 11* Cop: Hey you kids! What are you doing out after 11! Kids: We're going home! Cop: Okay! Kids: What a Dumbass. Who has the beer?
by doyourmom69 January 21, 2012
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A hot nerdy/midget chick, who heats up like a stove when taunted by sarcasm and can sometimes subsequently block you on Facebook.
Oh my god, Katelyn actually blocked me on Facebook after I tried to flirt with my poor sense of sarcasm, she's such a stover.
by R44 July 07, 2011
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When a homosexual male is attracted to straight males. "Straight Lover"
"Bruce is such a stover, I hope he doesn't get attacked outside that straight bar."
by TheSageBush December 01, 2007
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