Vita\v(i)-ta\ is pronounced VEE-tah. The name origins from Latin meaning “life.” An extremely rare name. She is the heart stealer and can make you fall in love with her instantly. With her warming smile, great hugs, awesome kisser, beautiful dark eyes, amazingly sweet heart, surprising secret intelligence, and seductive yet hilarious jokes, she is guaranteed to be a lover for life. She lives a life filled with happiness but also sadness. When interested to you, she stays attached until said to stay away. Majority of the time, she wants to be kept close and have somebody to talk to. Her thoughts can kill her easily. She can be trouble at times and a lot of work but when known enough, she’s a real keeper. She is the most perfect, beautiful, best hugger, intelligent, funny, inspiring, innocent, sexy, quiet, and a perfect friend/girlfriend/mom/sister in the whole entire world. When you meet a Vita, make sure to keep her close because there’s only a small chance you’ll ever meet a Vita in your lifetime. She means “Life” because she is the life to your life. While on your death bed, you'll remember how great your life was because of Vita.
Nurse: "Sorry sir, but you only have a few more days of vita."

Patient: "It's ok. I had a great vita."
by updatingnerd December 16, 2013
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The girls name Vita\v(i)-ta\ is pronounced VEE-tah. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "life". Mostly Italian use.See also Vidal. Vita can mean 'the happy life'.
The ultimate in perfection. An amazing mother, beautiful, intelligent,sexy and fun person that you can't help but want to be around all the time.
by jeffs<3honey February 4, 2010
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"Vita mutatur, non tollitur" - Life is changed, not taken away
by Z. F. December 28, 2009
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In academia, they don't say "Resume," they say "Vita"
Please include a current vita along with your scholarship application.
by DJThuht March 2, 2011
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Vita is a nickname for the kind of friend who is obviously the best in the group. 'Vita' basically has supernatural abilities and can do whatever the fuck he wants whenever he wants. He's basically God, if he wanted he could feed all the people who don't get food before they sleep. He has also lifted a cheetah out of a well, though. That was pretty cool. Anyways, he's the almighty overseer so don't fuck with him or he'll fuck you up
Henry: Hey, have you seen Vita anywhere?

Dumbass retard who doesn't know who Vita is: Who's Vita?

*Vita appears from thin air*
Vita: I'm just dat nigga
by распятие November 13, 2019
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Vita is a sporty sexy girl with an outstanding body. She is one that everyone falls in love with, blonde hair bright blue eyes she will be one to make your life tre best one you'll ever have. She loves helping people in need, but can be a bitch if you hurt her friends. She has this way to make everyone happy with her hulairious humor. She will love her forever if you treat her right.
" Vita name me is happy I llove her she makes me feel like I mean something"
by Joana191 April 2, 2017
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The Russian Soprano singer who uses falsetto so beautifully that no one escapes the charm^o^
The one who owns 5 times more fans than Orlando Bloom does in China...
The one whose voice is so purified....
The one you'll love more than yourself...
The one whom you are physically unable to stop listening to...
Us worshippers: Vitas, he's our head of religeon, our treasure, our precious, our love, our source of inspiration and bravery....

by Ithilia / zx August 23, 2006
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