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A combination of clothing and cleavage that makes a females breasts look large. Can also be used to describe a naturally big breasted female.
That push up bra and tight sweater make Jennifer look Boobular.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
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1. Pertaining to human female breasts. 2. A human female who has incredulously admirable tits.
Sally took off her bra to increase her boyfriend's boobular access.

Woah, Dave, look at her! That chick is boobular!
by nihil8r November 26, 2003
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relating to the breast esp. large breast
WOW she is the most boobular girl her!
by MJ December 10, 2003
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variation - boobular device:when a girl uses her boobs to get somewhere, something, or someone
Those girls have some hot boobulars.

for variation -
person 1:How much did you pay to get in?
persion 2:nothing, I just used my boobular device.
by mine are better August 02, 2006
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