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Purple monkey who is downloaded on your computer, but as soon as you get him on your computer, you figure out he is totally useless.
Why am I saying "he"? Bonzi is an it. Bonzi isn't even a living thing! Apes are living things, but Bonzi is a simulated one. Thus, I should refer to Bonzi as "Bonzi" and nothing more.
by Rodney Basil December 14, 2003
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a potential deal sealer for anyone. will tap any ass as long as honey is involved. gender: male. hobbies include beekeeping and raising chickens.
"hey, will you seal this deal behind me?" or "look at bonzi, chill as ever"
by Bee Keeper November 12, 2007
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1.) The coolest fucking guy that ever existed not only on the planet Earth, but the entire universe.

2.) A purple monkey that plants spyware on your computer while he dances.
1.) Bonzi is such a fucking d00d.

2.) Dance Bonzi dance!...WTF...I was just busted for downloading pr0n!
by Not Bonzi July 02, 2004
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A citizen of Canada who strongly believes that he is an immigrant.
I know a Bonzi called David who believes he is a immigrant but he is actually a citzen.
by Box1t May 27, 2005
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