Nickname for one who is short in stature and tends to overcompensate for it - often through short temper, learning martial arts or other fighting skills, or attempting excessively difficult tasks. This is of course referring to Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Europe; Napoleon himself was very short, and there is an old inside joke among historians that his drive to conquer came from his lack of height.
Short dude: What are you lookin at? You wanna start something?

Tall dude: Whoa, Bonaparte, mellow out.
by progamer124 August 24, 2003
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That handsome young man reminds me of Bonaparte
by RMStanley4 December 4, 2004
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A French emperor, the first person to crown himself emperor in Europe since Charlemagne. Conquered almost all of Europe, was sent into exile, but came back to France and reclaimed his crown. Sent into exile again, this time for good.
Napoleon Bonaparte was freaking badass!
by Ithaca February 16, 2005
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One of the few great people to have their own Pokemon named after him (Empoleon). Other people on this list: Jackie Chan (Hitmonchan), and Bruce Lee (Hitmonlee). It takes a LOT to get a pokemon named after you, such as being a legend (Infernape: Son Goku) or deity (Torterra: legendary Iroquois world turtle),a gay decoration (Chimecho: wind chimes) or even a scientific phenomenon (Rayquaza). Sometimes, finding a name for a Pokemon is just as easy as watching Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, drinking too much cough syrup, or some combination of all three.
Dude, Empoleon is "Emperte" in Japanese...Nintendo's really down with naming their intellectual properties after real people like Napoleon Bonaparte. What do you wanna bet there's gonna be one named after Charlemagne, or the Pope?
by aka_Pyro May 5, 2007
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A French emperor who was a great military commander. He conquered most of Europe, then he was forced into exile, where he died.
He was a short, dead dude, to be blunt.
Bonaparte was never blown apart.
by Dark Chaos August 20, 2004
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Younger brother of Napoleon. Commonly known as King of the rabbits. This lazy dude when he mooched Holland from his brother he gathered a large amount of people and in Dutch said "I am your rabbit." He meant to say "I am your king", but couldn't bother learning the language of the people he ruled over.
Learn your language before you travel or be like Louis Bonaparte and be made fun of by historians
by Saint Wumples September 29, 2020
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having sex with a person and then urinate on their clothing then throw them outside
he so pulled The Napolean Bonaparte while she cooked naked for him
by Robo Zombie July 6, 2011
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