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An uncreative insult usually used by conservatives. It is generally used on liberals, leftists, or really anyone that disagrees with the user.
That libtard is going on about the pros of socialism. Imagine wanting to have economic equality, amirite?
by t0x1c w4st3 April 22, 2021

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basically the real life version of Levi Ackerman. further proof that midgets make the best military leaders.
Napoleon Bonaparte suffers from Ackerman syndrome, a condition that makes your body short but increases the length of your dick, a trait that is crucial for any successful leader.
by t0x1c w4st3 May 31, 2021

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when you hold the piss in for a super long time, and when you finally let it out, you feel like a new person.
i just had a bladder birth after holding my piss in for 24 hours, and i feel like a new man.
by t0x1c w4st3 March 11, 2021

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