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Incorrect spelling of bulmf. It means to get royally oyally fucked.
My car broke down on the highway, we're "bolmphed"
by Larry Kincaid November 11, 2004
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A really ghetto word for penis
no example needed is this twenty words now? Huh?
by Jack n Dax December 26, 2004
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To get completely REAMED in your ass.
Billy liked Ashley. Too bad for Billy, Ahsley thought Billy was a retard and ignored him. So one day Billy snathed her as after school a bomphed her hard
Ashley: *screaming* No no STOP PLease leave me alone stop!
Billy: Can you feel that bitch? Can you feel my cock in your tight pink lil asshole! *pulls out and blows his load all over her fave and then farts in her mouth*
by RoloDEX November 16, 2004
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Etymology: From Modern English boing or boom, first used by Nate G. circa 1998

1. (noun) The male sex organ, penis.

2. (verb) The act of intercourse; insertion of a penis into a vagina.

3. (Adj) A sound imagined to come from a penis as it becomes erect; or an actual sound made by a springy doorstop.
1. Only men have bolmphs.

2. Wow, look at that ass! I'd love to bolmph her.

3. I think just I heard someone bolmph.
by J.C. June 08, 2004
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