13 definitions by Karate Jesus

What some women call their OBGYN.
Go go gadget-speculum!
by Karate Jesus October 27, 2004
An ejaculatory phenomenon that is far worse, and far more annoying than "precum". Postcum is the same as precum but often contains a little truecum aswell.
I knew Tana was going to be at work today so I jacked off then when I was done, changed pants. Too bad I forgot about postcum. On the way their some remnants leaked out of me penis and stained my freshly ironed khakis.
by Karate Jesus November 13, 2004
A little known Christian band that make sfun of Jimmy Eat World. Someone will probably delete this thinking it's a fake group then shit themselves the next day when they here J.E.W. on XM Radio.
I never thought I would see the day. It's as big of a surprise as the Beastie Boys were.
by Karate Jesus October 27, 2004
Nostalgia. Pure andsimple
Nostalgic nightmare. I nevr ends with the nickels in da machine Elvis
by Karate Jesus October 27, 2004
An imported french dildo, check under your mom's bed.
The Original dildo before tech crazy Bolmph Co. in New Mexico stole it. It's big it's black and it's rubber. No strings attached.
by Karate Jesus October 27, 2004
A difficult break dancing move name after the automobile accessorie. In this move the dabce struts foreward does something resembling a moon walk then stops, pivots and makes on of fis legs spin around clocckwise while the other spins counter-clockwise. Then one leg stops while the other continues spinning and the dancer moves away.
I fractured my pelvis attempting to pull a spinnerz at the disco last night.
by Karate Jesus January 30, 2005
The kind of girls I hit on at my middle school with hopes of drinking their urine and breast milk.
Me: So you're going to have a baby?
Alicia: Duh...
Me: Is the dad still around?
Alicia: No that fucker left.
Me: Well if you ever feel lonely, here's my digits!
by Karate Jesus October 27, 2004