Its the step in between pregnancy and abortion.
I really need to examine my options and I might go the Petersen route.
by Mike Andreason March 12, 2008
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When sitting on a toilet you receive oral sex, and you piss in her mouth while giving an angry pirate.
"Ahh dude, that was so hot especially when she let me give her a sticky petersen"
by Cornholio Ramirez March 01, 2010
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A simple-minded dumbass who cares about no one around her
No derp Malayna Petersen is the dumbest person you’ll ever see
by The malayna hater November 24, 2017
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Makayla Petersen... well trust me there’s ALOT to say about this one. She will be the most kind hearted and loyal person you’ll ever meet. If you somehow haven’t been sidetracked by her incredible beauty you might get to know how kind and caring she is towards other people, although often anxious and may suffer from depression or anxiety.
by American guy3957 October 18, 2019
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hey where the shnucko lorenzo is my dj petersen

listen son, dj petersen was on the fridge when i left
by hanaaaaaa22 October 15, 2011
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A tall mushroom boy with Native American heritage. Often wears moccasins and drinks a lot of Arizona tea. Bad at planning things and being on time
"Wow that guy is such a faggot. He must be a Trev Petersen"
by DryTommy November 16, 2016
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