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A time that my parents expect me home on Friday and Saturday nights.
Parents: go have fun with friends and don't forget your curfew is 12am.

Me: ok I'll be back by 12am.
by boaz274 December 27, 2016

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Skipping or ditching school.
I was playing hooky the other day.
by boaz274 March 13, 2017

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A class in Jr high, high school, or college that is boring af and that you want to get out of.
I hate being stuck in a boring class.
by boaz274 October 03, 2017

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Doing something pointless.
I'm so bored I'm just pointlessly using urban dictionary.
by boaz274 December 03, 2016

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Drinking a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time.
I like to go binge drinking once in a while.
by boaz274 July 19, 2017

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Hit me up.
I'm bored someone hmu.
by boaz274 December 23, 2016

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The big red sign at intersections thats meant to be stolen by kids/teens with nothing better to do
My friends and I stole a Stop Sign because we had nothing better to do
by boaz274 February 02, 2021

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