daquan : yo wtw today ?
devontae : nothing everyone chilling in they crib .
by lilarivert February 20, 2017
what's the wave, what is there to do or what are we gonna do today.
so wtw today?
by nlmb yer June 29, 2017
What's the word a greeting that is used to invoke conversation
Wtw chris haven't seen you in a while
by Chriscam July 22, 2016

wanna go out?”

by pevsc June 18, 2021
Acronym for "White Trash Wednesday." On a WTW, a group of party-goers tend to find the trashiest bar they can find, drink the trashiest beer, and the guys pick up the trashiest girls in the bar. Hence, WTW.
Thomas: "Yo Rick, it's WTW what's up for tonight?"
Rick: "How does a case of Milwaukee's Best beer and a trashy bar sound?"
Thomas: "Sweet"
by Thomas- August 31, 2005
Generally stands for 'What the what' use instead of wtf: 'What the fuck'. Most people use a question mark afterwards to get the point through. People who choose not to use curse word may prefer this.
by bossadian February 19, 2013
bf1: hi gurl. ready for tonight? xx

bf2: ofc Im. wtw?

bf1: dunno. dress or somthin
by töffffffffffffffz June 11, 2010