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1. The person, usually male, who is responsible for getting the boat out of storage, gassing it up, prepping it with all the toys, music etc. Then putting it in the water cleaning it afterward and taking it back to storage. Due to the stress of the responsibility he may seem bitchy or grouchy.
2. The guest on your boat who brags about how his other friends boats is bigger, better, faster, more toys, better sound system. He/she can't just enjoy the moment but constantly bitches,complains,brags.
1. If I am getting the boat you better have ready all the food, drinks, towels, and whoever is going on the boat here on time and be ready, I'm not your boat bitch!

2. My other friend has a boat like yours but its bigger and faster. He also has these cool toys and his system
by Sacramento Ron August 22, 2013
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