A variation of the word 'boy', which is commonly (and recently) referenced in the game Red Dead Redemption 2, with the main protagonist Arthur pronouncing it in a very distinct accent. Say it out loud for the best results.
1. Where's my muneh, boah?!
2. You’re alright, boah.
by Evergreen777 December 21, 2018
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Boah is a world similar to boy however its pronounced like Boar without the R. It is mainly used in the game red dead redemption 2 by the world's best protagonist Arthur Morgan.
"Alright Boah?"
"You did good Boah"
"Where's my muneh Boah!"
"He's just a goddamn Boah!"
"I ran into an O'Driscoll Boah"
by This word is called September 4, 2019
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"Boah" means boy and the word are mostly used by men who dies of tuberculosis
Guy 1 Whers ma monah boah?!
Guy 2 Bruh i dont have them now
*he clears his house for valuables while Guy 2 is watching...

Remember kids, dont owe people money
by nemtnok December 21, 2019
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- The way nigro's say boy. the ghet-to term for a hommie.
by Lancom December 8, 2003
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A term/sound used to describe very ugly and disgusting females.
Holy crap she's a BOAH!
Man look at that nasty BOAH!
by Gen. Boah Catcher February 14, 2007
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An annoying word that a child uses for everything.

When someone is excited to see you.

When someone is trying to be annoying.

Saying boah when you don't know what else to say.
"Yo tyler what do you want to eat today"
"I don't BOAH"

"BOAHHHHH what up benny"

"Boah yeahhh"

"Yo tyler hows you and jess"
by Tylerstewart March 17, 2009
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Boah is the type of guy to sweat at PC Games. Boah's love to play Valorant and Minecraft.
Guy 1: Hey boah wanna play val
Boah: Sure im already on come and join me
by RedRanger_25 December 3, 2021
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