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The disease resulting from infection by bacteria from the genus Mycobacteria. Primarily caused by complex-forming M.Tuberculosis or M. Bovis the disease is predominantly transmitted by respiratory secretions and suprisingly, is not very contagious. Infection by tubercule bacillus results in chronic lesion-forming in pulmonary tissues. Disease progression is long-term and lesion dissemination can be fatal.
It would appear i have bleeding lungs. What a day for tuberculosis what?. cough, cough.....
by chez1986 May 24, 2007
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Also known as consumption, tuberculosis or TB is a common and deadly infectious disease caused by mycobacteria. It attacks the lungs and respiratory system, but can also attack the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, the genitourinary system, bones, joints and even the skin.

Symptoms include chest pains, coughing blood, prolonged coughing, chills, night sweats, pallor, lose of appetite, weight lose, and easy fatigue. Though tuberculosis is not known for being especially contagious, it can be rather easy to transmit, since TB is spread through infected aerosols via coughing, spitting, speaking, kissing, and sneezing. Tuberculosis attacks everybody differently. While it can take months to years for the TB infection to become the TB disease in some people, it can easily become the full flight disease in some people in a matter of weeks.

If left untreated, TB causes death. (duh)

Since tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria, treatment is available via antibiotics, though there is currently no vaccine for adults.

Due to medicial attention toward HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis has resurged.
On a lighter note, tuberculosis is probably the most overused disease found in historical manga/anime.

Wait, that's not good...
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 27, 2008
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pernounce tuber colosis a sickess that invoves coughing ur ass of to the point that you die
i caught tuberculosis from a very hot girl named kayla
by giant fetus August 30, 2006
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