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Greatest athlete of all time. Played as an all star in both pro baseball and pro football until a hip injury ended his career.
Yeah he's good, but he's no fuckin' Bo Jackson
by Johnny Cockface October 06, 2005
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(verb): To break something, i.e. in the way that Bo Jackson would break bats over his knee or over his shoulders. The term can be used to describe the act of intentionally breaking things as well as accidentally breaking something. Other forms: bo jacksoned (past tense), bo jacksoning (present continuous tense).

bo jacksoned (adjective): broken
"If you don't knock it off with that annoying saxophone, I'm gonna bo jackson it."

"What do you mean you didn't do it? Dude, I stood there and WATCHED YOU bo jackson every piece of my stemware!"

"Yo, which one of you clowns bo jacksoned my coffee pot and didn't tell me? There's coffee ALL OVER the place!"

"When she cheated on him, it really bo jacksoned his self-esteem."

"I need to get a new umbrella. This one is bo jacksoned from the wind."
by Hat W. March 06, 2008
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Possibly the blackest white guy you'll ever meet. This guy thinks he's thug-nasty. He's that guy known in the town for earning his "red wings" or setting off fireworks in lockers. Can be identified by the genital blood around his mouth.
"Is that period blood on your face?" - Person 1.

"Yes..." - Person 2.
"Oh, you must be Bo Jackson." - Person 1
by AnonymousBartender November 19, 2014
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Sexual position where the mans penis is in the girls anus while his testicles are in her vagina. Two sports at the same time. Sometimes referred to as the Dion Sanders.
That girl was so drunk last night that she let me give her a Bo Jackson. Yessssssssss!
by Corey Slack October 20, 2009
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getting drunk to the point that you Black Out(B.O.) When you start a heavy night of drinking, it is said that BO Jackson is gonna hit you with his bat, or take you out in full football gear, thus rendering you BlackOut. When asked what happened the night before, one can respond with the popular Bo Jackson phrase, "BO Knows."

"Yo I don't remember anything from last night! I was straight BO Jackson!"

"You were wasted last night! Did Bo Jackson pay you a visit?"
by E.M. January 24, 2008
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