To destroy something causing it to fall into multiple pieces
I tried to blox my friend in ROBLOX with an RPG
by this handle is not in use August 5, 2020
Blox may be a name that players use one ROBLOX, such as "Bloximus", "SubToBloxOrDai" or "Bloxcat" Another what of using blox is the old way of saying oof. It's bloxxed. Usually to die in roblox
Hi guys, my name is Bloximus but you can call me Blox.
by nrLoolee May 27, 2021
Wheelie for a distance of multiple city streets at a time. On motorcycle or quad.
I seen a guy on a dirt bike catching blox From 115st to 125st
by Jigzbloxx June 28, 2016
When someone on Roblox is epically defeated, pwned, or destroyed. When you get Bloxxed it means that all pieces of your Roblox character falls apart. No legs, arms or head stay attached.
Robloxian 1: *fires rocket launcher*

Robloxian 2: *gets hit by rocket*

Robloxian 2: DANG!

Robloxian 3: Ooooh! You just got Bloxxed!

Robloxian 3: *shoots Robloxian 1*
by Rexin the Alphahog September 11, 2011
Destroyed, Owned, domainated
"I just bloxed him."
by scriptradio December 22, 2013
The art of buying and opening a blind box vinyl action figure toy. (Ex. Disney Vinylmation, or KidRobot Dunny)
Just got done bloxing the new Vinylmation series.
by gawthrok September 16, 2013