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An often political ideology that is believed to be completely out of modern play in debates and arguments. It is often an insult to those who follow such ideologies as it references that these ideologies are in fact so useless and outdated that they shouldn't even be considered.
by this handle is not in use November 15, 2020
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The ultimate combination of both megalovania and brainiac maniac making the ultimate boss battle song of the millennium
Sans and Zomboss theme combined? Megalobrainiac!
by this handle is not in use December 02, 2018
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Regional slur for someone who lives in Philadelphia
Filthy Philadelphites are flooding their political frustrations onto Camden
by this handle is not in use July 24, 2021
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A scenario in any game's development stating that, if a modder is to outperform game developers in any fashion, or when modders reserve ideas from developers and mod them, there is nothing that the developers can do to compete with said modders without a hit to their reputation.

The term originates from when the Minecraft game developer, Notch, wanted to add horses into the game. However, horses were already featured in a popular mod for the game. Notch's dilemma had but three possible solutions and all of them would result in varying anger from the community:

1. Notch may have opted to create the horses himself. Though, due to the highly complex mod, they would likely be seen as inferior. To not seem inferior, he would need to add some of the good features already claimed by the mod, but in such a case, he would be seen as copying.

2. Alternatively, Notch may have decided to simply drop the idea of ever adding horses. Due to the excellence of the horse mod, it effectively reserved ideas that the official developers could never use without the modder's permission. This option would result in less overall outcry from the community but disappoint many who hoped for horses.

3. As Notch did officially, he decided to add the mod to the game with the developer's permission. In the process, many saw Notch as lazy and he created a hefty hit on the prestige of the Minecraft development team. All this despite the fact that adding the excelling mod was the simplest solution
I really wish they would just fix the unit models in-game, but after that modder made such a great redesign, they're facing Notch's Dilemma. The bar was just set too high for them, and they cannot possibly pass it.
by this handle is not in use June 03, 2021
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To forcefully mobilize or utilize a militant force. Unlike a normal draft, a Brute March typically consists of undesirables or those otherwise unwilling to fight.
High Command ordered an emergency brute march of the state's prisoners
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Literally Everything. Everything beyond our universe, everything beyond the multiverse, everything beyond all there is. Every realm that surpasses us. Every possible domain of existence. Every piece of information. All space that has ever existed at every certain time. Every possible scenario and outcome.

This even includes All-That-Isn't. This is the greatest possible hyperbole for all that exists. The final frontier of description. Nothing is more than All-That-Is.
Our universe is merely a speck in All-That-Is
by this handle is not in use September 19, 2021
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Everything possible or impossible that has never existed. All outcomes that haven't happened, and everything that has yet to come. The greatest possible hyperbole for what hasn't ever happened, and the opposite of All-That-Is
Allowing you to work here would be a plea to All-That-Isn't
by this handle is not in use September 19, 2021
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