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When a guy sticks his penis through a donut so that when the girl is deep throughting she gets a bite of that tasty krispy kreme. It is recommended that you use a glazed donut so that the icing acts as sweet lube later on. Also you can stick the donut holes up a girls vagina and eat them out.
Pat: Can we please not use the donuts with sprinkles? Last time one got stuck in my dick hole

Lee: Of course, anything to make the blow nut better for you my love
by woner 24/7 May 18, 2011
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Replacing the creme filling of a donut with dick snot and then have a thot eat it
Cornelius: hey dunkin donuts employee. Can i get a dozen boston blownuts for my cum dumpster thot. Extra salty?
by Blow-nut July 05, 2017
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to blow rums ruts....or rums rat platters...
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
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