A combination of a dutch rudder and circle jerking. A group of men form a circle, take their marks, and have each person to the left or right move their arm for them.
We're not gay enough to circle jerk, so we just decided to form a blockade.
by cdawg821 May 20, 2010
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Non-specific, preemptive block, preventing a "wah" for the entire statement. (See definitions of block and wah)
Bob: "BLOCKADE. This hot dog is way too big! It almost got stuck in my throat like three times. I just can't swallow things this big anymore.:

Gary: "Nice Blockade, Bob."
by Israel Lombardozi February 03, 2003
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Any variation of car(s), generally two or more, that all move the same damn speed in multiple lanes. Most often one of the drivers of a blockade vehicle is not paying attention and is in the passing lane, thus making it impossible for other cars to pass.

Drivers of said blockades are oblivious to honking/tailgating/light flashing. They have a sixth sense that keeps them at the exact speed of the car(s) next to them regardless of whether the other car attempts to speed up or slow down.

More often than not, annoyed drivers behind you will ride your ass thinking it will magically lift the blockade making for a most unpleasant experience.
Jeremy: dude whatthefuck you driving so slow for? i gotta drop a dookie

Thaddeous: SHUT THE FUCK UP! These commie shitfucks set up a mobile blockade the middle the damn highway. cant drive any faster.

Jeremy: fuck this shit, man
by rikki-bobbi November 04, 2009
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when a group of a female's friends form a pact to protect thier friend from any male contact.
oh my god, look at that massive cock blockade around her!
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
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Scenario where more than one male or groups of males prevent one person from hooking up or talking to a girl.
Sonny: So did you get with Linda at the party?
Mike: Nah bro, Sam, Dan kept interupting on purpose, and Dustin was cock blocking, it was a freaking cock blockade, I couldn't get through.
by Moojostuff November 18, 2009
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Gargantuan Blockades is a Mega Walls sweat clan. Unlike the other stupid fucking clans on Hypixel, Gargantuan Blockades is not a cheating guild. Some cheating guilds are known as Hood and The Jungle. The clan is lead by Turblue, a bitch who eats cock. Whenever they win a game after losing ten times in a row, they always say “L KID #THEGUNGA” at the end of the game, stating that they’re better than everyone else.
Person 1: These guys are saying “L KID #THEGUNGA”!
Person 2: That’s Gargantuan Blockades, no one knows who they are lol
by Fish186 October 14, 2020
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When you "bust a nut" onto a person's eye while they are asleep, so when they wake up, their eye is blocked from dried semen.
"I'm going to give Billy a German Blockade when he's asleep, because he teabagged me"
by roflzorz October 30, 2007
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