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way kids try to justify y they're losing in mine-craft by saying its just a block game
Kid- Wow I cant believe your so proud of yourself for winning in a block game
SmortKid- Nigga you play that block game
by Good Handle July 11, 2018
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The act of circling the street blocks in a city in the search of a parking spot.
When driving around in a city, you intend on finding a parking spot on the street (usual a metered spot) close to your destination. So you first circle around the block that the destination is located. If none is found, you advance to the next block and circle around it. This is repeated till your successful in finding a parking spot. In reality, this is not a game, it's frustrating.
Bob "Sorry I am late boss"
Boss "Why are you late"
Bob "Cause I couldn't find a parking spot and had to play the block game till I found one."

by eqrunner April 05, 2009
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