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A very fun website that you can play ton of fun games on that are not even related to math.
P1: Hey dude wanna see who can get farther in Balloon Tower Defense, on Cool Math Games?

P2: Duuurrrr cuz I always win!
by Mikasa Ackermaninthehousebois November 21, 2017
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The most ingenious unblocked site ever. Teachers think it is ok because it's got math in the title but it has minimal thinking games like bloons TD, clicker heroes, and a bunch of other games that would take hours to find on any other unblocked site.
Student: Ms M. can I play cool math games?
Teacher: Sure Billy! I would love an excuse to not teach and get paid while you play on an EDUCATIONAL website.
by Horny#1 June 19, 2018
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a website that's a goddamn heaven for kids cause only like 5% of the games actually have math and the teachers be thinking he's doing education like a good little child
Mr. Marijuana: "Timmy, are you playing video games while you're supposed to be doing math?"
Timmy: "It's okay, Mr. Marijuana, I'm just doing Coolmathgames!"
Mr. Marijuana: "Okey Dokey Carry on then."
by KentuckyFriedDickin November 28, 2018
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Best website in the world and houses some of the most lit games while you are at school...
guy 1: im bored

guy 2: since the teacher aint lookin you wanna play bloons tower defence on cool math games?
guy 1: sure why not
by Vladimir66 March 21, 2017
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the site that kids play at school nowadays to avoid work.
teacher: hey class today we’re doing work on our school laptops
kid 1: * plays cool math games to avoid work and makes the screen face away from the teacher *
by Fadeider December 14, 2018
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One of the best websites of all time. This website is 10 times better than COD, Overwatch, GTA, etc. Unlike these games, Coolmathgames is free, educational, and not utter garbage. Honestly, can you play most games at school, no, because the school wifi blocks every other game/website. Coolmathgames is actually good because there are hundreds of games to play like red ball, papa's pizza, iq ball, fire boy, and lava girl, sugar sugar, and many others and CoolMathGames can run on a potato pc. (all jokes plz don't take it seriously)
Person 1- hey do you want to play fire boy and lava girl on coolmathgames?
person 2- sure, coolmathgames is the only site that isn't blocked
by creditjuan February 11, 2019
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