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Everyone has this definition for indie kids and how we dress, but no, you have NO IDEA. So here's the real fucking definition.

Indie kids listen to indie music. That's it. We don't all have wavy hair, or dress like we don't give a shit. We're not all elitist and we're not all artsy types. We're DIFFERENT. We're INDEPENDENT. It's about the music, not the clothes. Some couldn't care less, some put some time into it. Doesn't matter.
Non-indie: How do I look like an indie kid?
Indie: You don't.
Non-indie: So how do you know I'm an indie kid?
Indie: You don't.
by Livid Infinity. December 03, 2007
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An Indie Kid is not, as many people seem to believe, a prententious twat who will only listen to obscure bands and cusses anyone who dares to like anything in the top 40. An Indie is, in fact, someone whos heart lies with indie, rock, alternative, music like that. You are all thinking of scenesters. An Indie Kid is, by no mean shape or form, a scenester.

Indie Boys tend to be skinny, shy, with messy hair and a fringe. The hair must not be confused with emo hair, which is styled using disturbing quantaties of gel, wax, mousse and hairspray. Indie boys just can't be arsed to brush. Skinny jeans are more typical of the scene kid, Indie boys prefer fairly loose fitting denim. A plain t-shirt or shirt are very popular, along with ancient battered converse, in black or blue.

Indie Girls normally have wavy hair that looks bedraggled, and dress not a million miles away from the boys, just with more feminine styles. Indie Girls generally don't really care about their appearence that much, but scrub up pretty darn well, as opposed to a scene girl who is the scum off the earth. Indie girls wear any sort of jeans, comfy and casual t-shirts and the same footwear as the boys.

Another important difference between Indie Kids and scene kids is that indie kids are actually capable of having nice conversations with the bands they meet, as opposed to the scenester ego-boosting and myspace photo posing.

Indie kids are friendly, cheerful and actually suprisingly non-elitest; I, as an Indie Kid(ette, maybe, as a girl) have many a time got down to the funky sounds of Snoop Dogg. Indie Kids are my solace in a sea of scenester scum.
Indie Kids, I salute you!!!
by Jess C March 05, 2006
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indie kids. they're different, they don't all dress the same, nor do they all have wavy hair.

they're classified as indie because of the bands they listen to. The obscure ones that when you tell people what you're listening to, they don't know. This includes tapes n' tapes, black kids, i love you but i've chosen darkness, the french kicks and british sea power, among many others.

they are usually happy people, who carry their iPods around smiling in the summer sun. they be friends with whoever they like.

they wear clothes they've found in thrift stores and hippie markets and occasionally urban outfitters, never from hollister or anything like that. headbands are a plus, along with the wayfarer sunglasses.
kid: why are you so happy?
indie kid: i'm just listening to some tilly and the wall :
kid: what? who are they?
by tessssa April 22, 2008
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Indie kids are witty, intelligent kids that wear vintage clothing and like to differ from the norm. I'm not going to give examples of what they wear, because that pretty much defeats the purpose. They wear what they want, and don't give a shit what you think.

Indies are generally happy people, mainly because their music makes you feel like spinning around in a cirle while a smiling man in a white suit throws confetti at you. Indies are very un-emo due to this, and are constantly waging a war with the over-styled emo masses due to the fact that emos stole Converse.

Their attitudes are fickle, and can be passed off as pretentious or rude if you don't get to know them. The guy or girl that stands out and acts like he's better than you, occasionally throwing out a sarcastic comment or two, will usually just be a shy indie not used to being around the wave of pop-culture-people.
Pop-kid: Look at her, she's such a bitch.
Pop-kid 2.0: I know. What's her problem?
Indie Guy: Lay off, she's just a shy Indie Kid.
by Maddiii August 10, 2006
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time to straighten this whole difference between scenexcore and indie kids.
ok. scenesters usually tend to all follow a strict code of behavior, totally limiting creative license on everything they do. Indie kids, on the other hand, don't always have to take pride in listening to obscure bands, but simply find solace in music that they enjoy.
scenxcore is a lifestyle, which has evolved into a self-superior state of mind that encompasses dressing simply for shock value, taking multiple pictures of oneself, and conforming to "scenexcore" code of law.
Indie kids, on the other hand, are generally, tolerant of other lifestyles, as long as they promote freedom and creative license. Indie kids feel comfortable around others and are not world-hating narcisists.
Thus, we have discovered the difference between scenexcore and indie.
-a conversation between an indie kid and a scene kid-

{scenexcorekid1} dude- last i styled my hair for 3 hours then asked my other friend how scene i looked

{indiekid1} learn some behavioral freedom and stop buying into the social scene!

{scenexcorekid1} i just wanted to look cool *runs away*

by 123sam456789 November 03, 2006
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Category of person; better than emo.

Usually if an indie kid asks you if you like a band you will have not have heard of the band. Indie kids could usually name five hundred bands you've never heard of without breaking a sweat.

There is an underlying war between the indie kids and the emo's this will be because they one. attempted to steal there dress sense but then turn it all black. two. took converse off them. three. made people which are neither an indie kid or emo think that they are one of the same. the indie kids do not like this as they are obviously far superior with better dress sense, hair styles, lifestyles and obviously music taste than the emos.

indie kids may not like to use the word 'indie' to describe themselves anymore as it has been stolen by corporate sellouts who now claim that bands such as embrace, snow patrol and keane are indie.

if you thought that those bands were indie until you read that sentence you are not indie.

indie kids care about they way they look; they just don't go on about it. in fact they probably spend as much time on there appearance as they do seeking out unknown bands.

they can be found at local gigs that only cost about ยฃ4 to get into or at the bigger indie gigs which cost at most about ยฃ9 to get into.

indie are the anti-emo. indie are not close to emo... one major difference is that indie kids have better hair.
indie yuppie: i like indie. i was listening to embrace earlier.
indie kid: that's not indie. that is what the capitalists have wrapped up nicely and put into a carefully manfuactured package with a big stamp on it saying 'indie' which does not make it indie. go listen to bromheads jacket.
indie yuppie: who..?
indie kid: ....don't even talk to me.
by indie kidette April 22, 2006
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