A large, very windy snowstorm, resulting in at least five inches of snow. Commonly mistaken as a little snowfall with around 3 inches in most of the lower forty-eight states and Hawaii.
Weatherman: On Monday, February 15, there's gonna be a blizzard on the way to the east coast! We will get almost 7 inches of snow.

Young Viewer: Wow, with the snow we're already in, we probably can't go to school for the 11th day in a row.
by Alaska-man February 17, 2010
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1)A large international gaming company which creates some of the most addicting games for the computer anyone has yet to see, but does not give a shit about anything after the initial release of the game.
2)Gaming Company with No Tech Support
3)Gaming Company which is best friends with "Care Bears"
4)Gaming Company whos CEO molests small children while fingering himself with money they refuse to spend on upgrading servers.
1) Blizzard sucks
2) Damn, these guys are blizzards
3) Why does <company name> have to be such a Blizzard?
4) <No Usage>, Just an insult to any company.....
by Th3Guy April 3, 2006
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A sex act that involves a guy cumming in a girls ass and then she farts the load into his mouth!
No thanks, I'm not hungry. My mom just gave me a blizzard.
by TheSwift182 June 19, 2010
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When you give a girl 8-10 inches in the ass-she won't be walking outside for a week.
Wow, my ass hurts after he gave me a Blizzard last night.
by Quid May 2, 2005
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1) A group of white girls surrounding an object or person

2) A huge group of white girls fighting
1) Look at that blizzard surrounding the new guy

2) Did you see that blizzard today in the cafeteria, it was rough
by Beetlejuice3 November 7, 2015
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To cum between your partners ass cheeks.
As he fucking me from behind he said, " Are you cold baby? Here comes the Blizzard!", and then came between my ass cheeks.
by blizinbitches February 3, 2011
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V. To "Make it Blizzard" is The act of throwing diamonds in the air in a public or private setting to express your immence wealth.
You know how that rapper that was at the strip club the other day and made it rain?? There was 100 dollar bills everywhere! But yesterday this Saudi Prince was there, and he Made it BLIZZARD! People were stepping on each other to get those dimonds!
by Slayer Alex July 11, 2008
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