1.A very strong storm.
2.What your homie says to you when he's blowed and has been listening to too many Snoop Dogg albums.
1."An storm involving mass amounts of snow is coming this way, fellas"!
2."Yo dawg, I am blizzard like a lizard!" - Snoop Dogg listening friend who is currently blowed
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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When you skeet in a bitch's ass then she farts and it all flies out.
Goddamn! That bitch gave me a blizzard in the middle of August
by Tryshavingho March 25, 2006
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1) An storm involving mass amounts of snow, sometimes including ice and hail.
2) A videogame company who have won numerous awards and continue to keep their spot as one of the best gaming companies ever.
"Blizzard? No school... shoveling? Fuck you, mom."
"...Who wants to play StarCraft...?"
by Wing_Sun October 11, 2003
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When a male releases a massive, hot load of semen (or cum) in a low-temperature environment, causing it to immediately condense and vaporize, much like boiled water does in low temperatures.
Herman powerfully ejaculated into the brisk Yukon air, generating a dense blizzard that enshrouded him in a fine layer of crystalline semen.
by Anpistom November 03, 2020
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When you watch porn at a very young age and don't care
Mother He is watching a lot of porn Father He is a big Blizzard he is
by afeaver January 27, 2020
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1) A video game company who says they will release a game in 1999 but actually releases it in 2003. This has happened twice.

1a) A video game company that makes a game, monkeys with it for 5 months, screws it up, leaves it for dead and makes another game, yet strangly enough keep winning awards.

2) My favorite treat at dairy queen.
1. I fucking hate blizzard.
2. I fucking love blizzards!
by 1998 April 02, 2004
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