Commonly used in the UK, when something is really fantastic or great.
It does not mean that any eyes were harmed
Man that was a blinding success
by Moustafa Khamis May 12, 2007
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blinding-as in it is so spectacular -like a star or the sun
'That film was blinding'
by joeydelight February 19, 2010
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When you receive a BJ and at the crucial moment you whip your knob out and jizz all over her face, getting it in her eyes and causing the eyelids to stick together temporarily blinding her
Katie gave me a great shiner last night but went garrity when I pulled out and shot my load all over her face getting it in her eyes and blinding her
by Philphee-phil August 30, 2023
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(U.K.) Cursing, specifically saying "Bloody" this and "Bloody" that.
"If I hear someone effing and blinding in the street I give them a look." - Roy "Chubby" Brown (of all people!)
by davarinofuntucson June 8, 2013
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to be extremely drunk. A term used in Australia.
I'm blind.
by Anjio February 19, 2010
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