Bleurgh is just a word, though possibly more of a noise, expressing total disgust at something there, or about something said.
Person 1: "oh, a three foot tall pile of Canine Faeces."
Person 2: "Bleurgh."
by Mr.Trousers July 26, 2009
Feeling. Somewhere in between "why am I still alive" and suicide.
Kirsty was so bleurgh and wrote her suicide note.
by Kirsty S July 12, 2006
1.(See Mange)
2.Use in conjunction with Mange to procure Marijuana cigarettes.
Holder of Marijuana Cigarette: "BLEURGH!"
You: "MANGE"

Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a Marijuana Cigarette.
by Spongebob Spliffpants August 23, 2003
A Kind Of Motion Involving A Throwing Up Idea.
Chris did a Bleurgh !
by N-Cl January 14, 2008
a sound made as a distraction having lost an argument
"black IS white... yes it is!... it's so whitey and whitish and... bleurgh!"
by pea fan September 14, 2003
when some one gets hit by a tennis ball at wimbledon tennis, usually a slightly retarded person, will say it upon being hit with a tennis ball
*sound of tennis ball being hit*
*sound of retarded person being hit by tennis ball*
retarded person:BLEURGH!!!
by ... July 25, 2004
The feel you get between your ears when you realize you live in Port Alberni
"Excuse me Miss" said the sailor, "where am I"
To which she replied, "Port Alberni, bleurgh!
by jakebanana July 24, 2011