Blayne is the bestest best friend ever! He’s always there for you when you need him. He’s so close to you he’s a like a brother to. Blayne is perfect but he’s so down to earth that he doesn’t even know it. If you have a Blayne in your life, take my advice and make sure you never lose him.
Blayne is amazing!
by Hi6160 July 19, 2018
"Goddess of All She Surveys"
Blayne rules everything in her world.
by anon October 29, 2004
the cutest girl on the block. she flirts with everyone she can get her eyes on and has the prettiest eyes. Everyone wants to be her and has many guy friends.
Blayne is so hot, like shes on fire!
by thenamerknower June 23, 2011
An annoying person who slams people into lockers and kicks them if you leak her number to ur friends
by Ok53672 May 18, 2022
Blayne is the baddest bitch in the whole world who can get any girl
"Oh man, check out that guy. He's such a blayne."
Blayne is a cruel person who has no regard for peoples emotions. He will say he cares until he has no use for you anymore. Tends to cheat when things get rocky in a relationship and is a pathological liar. Also a very egotistical and cocky man. If you have a Blayne in your life tread carefully or you might just get burnt.
You're being like Blayne right now!
by Shwiptsey2431 March 9, 2020
Blayne is a buah but also a big gimp...he has no friends and can't get any lasses but he does try his best.
See that loner over there.. yeah that's Blayne
by Lolbabym June 1, 2017