Blayne is the bestest best friend ever! He’s always there for you when you need him. He’s so close to you he’s a like a brother to. Blayne is perfect but he’s so down to earth that he doesn’t even know it. If you have a Blayne in your life, take my advice and make sure you never lose him.
Blayne is amazing!
by Hi6160 July 18, 2018
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Blayne is the coolest guy ever. He has so many friends and makes all the good girls go bad.
person1: "see that kid over there , he can get anyone"
person2" "he must be a blayne"
by amityvillewhore July 20, 2009
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"Goddess of All She Surveys"
Blayne rules everything in her world.
by anon October 29, 2004
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the cutest girl on the block. she flirts with everyone she can get her eyes on and has the prettiest eyes. Everyone wants to be her and has many guy friends.
Blayne is so hot, like shes on fire!
by thenamerknower June 23, 2011
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