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The act of becoming inebriated, usually to a point of belligerent outbursts and excessive rowdiness. One who gets Blarted is generally a Bro, and will Blart with other Bros. The term was invented when a CREW of sailors decided to determine what is the maximum number of drinks one can consume before death occurs. They were watching the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop at the time and decided Blart was the perfect name for their dangerous activity.
People who say blarted confuse me.
by Theoh Albrekt August 16, 2010
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Closely related to Sharted, or the act of sharting. When you fart and accidentally shit your pants accompanied with some rectum blood. Usually happens with gay men and/or distended colon.
That fag just blarted and left a stain on his white pants!
by uncle_limpy September 08, 2010
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A burp that smells like a fart
Blarted... A smell so rancid I can't tell if you burped or farted
by Dicko Murp April 08, 2017
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sister to the shart, this is when a woman is on her period and she farts causing it to ripple up the front of the lips.
I just blarted!
by stepheni andrade July 28, 2010
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One of those rare unique phrases which has no physical meaning however when uttered everyone in the vacinity knows what you mean.

Used in conjuction with something going wrong for somebody, usually as a result of your mischievous doing. Can be used with similar words like shell.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Blarted you beanhead!" yelled Shahzhad as Ahmed tripped over a stool on the floor. Unbeknown to Ahmed, Shahzad had planted this stool in a compromising juxtaposition with the door, a few minutes previously as he hear Ahmed marching forth from the great beyond. Then for no reason Shahzad said "Lung fainted over a lung" and chortled to himself and said blarted again a few more times.
by GF July 12, 2006
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