One of the most renowned luxury companies to ever come in existence. Go google it.
My Cartier watch is more valuable then your whole room.
by xluu July 20, 2008
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“Cartier” a person that has a bigger future than you.
Hi I’m Cartier I am 10 and already have a bigger future than you and your family.
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Cartierism is where medical technology is used unacknowledged from a source who is simultaneously vilified and often from indigenous cultures. Cartierism is so named because of the best known historical example.

Cartierism has its roots from Jacques Cartier's European expedition to Canada in 1535 at the start of European colonization. Cartier and his crew spent the winter unexpectedly in Stadacona, Quebec, he and his crew began dying of a disease we know today as the deficiency disease called scurvy.

Relations between the Indigenous and the Europeans were by that time strained; nonetheless the indigenous people healed Cartier's crew with their method of using L-ascorbate ("vitamin C") in the form of a tea made from the Arbor Vitae tree.

Despite being saved by them, Cartier rewarded Indigenous people by taking a dozen as hostage to Europe and upon explaining the information of this medicinal treatment in France, doctors simply replied, "what could we possibly learn from savages?"

Shortly after that the British Navy proved citrus fruit would prevent and cure scurvy.

Cartierism is alive today in numerous examples from Aloe vera to zinc.
The obscurity of Nurse Rene Caisse's exceptional impact on patients' health by use of indigenous medicine is the product of Cartierism.
by Avtonomous June 22, 2018
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the most funny,retarded,smart and VERY good looking person. he makes all the girls want him. he works out a lot and never likes to lose. he will make you smile in a blink of a eye. he makes you feel special and unforgettable. cartier will never let you down and he knows what comes first. and loves to play active sports.
who is that fine dude walking by
by lil M.C April 26, 2019
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That oil in the dab cartridge. The gas ur smoking is, “Cartier Piss”
I just smoked Cartier Piss.
by TonyTony1 July 4, 2021
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“did you hear sir cartier’s new album
“yea it leaked on sound cloud last week already”
by pterodactyloverviews November 4, 2020
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