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Commonly perpetrated by females of European descent (white) which involves artificial tanning (spray tanning and tanning booths) and using makeup to manipulate facial features in order to appear to have some type of Black African ancestry.

The general point of blackfishing is for a female of European descent to appear of African, Arab, or Hispanic ancestry.

Some consider it to be equivalent to modern day “black face” because it capitalizes off the looks of historically oppressed groups of people by people who come from more privileged backgrounds.
“Emma Hallberg is a beautiful mixed race Swede.”

“No, Emma isn’t mixed race, she’s just blackfishing.”

“They want to be black without being black.”
by Lebanese Bebe November 18, 2018
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When you're filling out an online application and you put that you are a black lesbian with big tits, when really you are a husky, white guy from the mid-west with a below average sized penis.
Friend 1: good luck trying to get promoted, they're only looking for black lesbians.
Friend 2: oh I know, that's why I'll be Blackfishing their racist asses!
by Gaysofthunder69 October 23, 2015
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When white people tan their skin to look dark, it is the opposite of whitefishing but not accepted in the same manner because popularizing blackfishing makes white Europeans look inferior, instead they must Orwellianise the practice by calling it cultural appropriation. Notice how bleaching black skin is seen as wanting to be white and about feeling inferior among the white skin, it is about telling the world that if you bleach your skin, it means you think that white skin is more beautiful. But that can't be same for tanning your skin to look black because white people do not want the standard of beauty to change to black given that they have made it the standard of beauty to white by loading us on the media about how a bunch of black people are bleaching their skin to appear white.
blackfished european woman: I want to be black so I tanned my skin.

The media: You are mocking and disrespecting black people, you are racist, you are a blackfishing.

whitefished black woman: I want to be white so I bleached my skin.

The media: the white skin has portrayed white skin to be the standards of beauty and is giving this poor black person a sense of inferiority. She thinks white skin is more beautiful so she has to bleach her dark skin to look like and beautiful like us.
by Neo_himself July 14, 2019
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